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  • Posted on December 3, 2016 at 10:39 am

You proceed from a false assumption; I have no ego to bruise.

Leonard Nimoy


I just wrote a big spiel on assumption and it just disappeared.  I won’t go back but it had something to do with an assumption made about me and the possible mistreatment  of my cat…that led us away from a proper diagnosis yesterday.  Basically, I was  saying how easy it is to make assumption and how, if I was in the shoes of the others, I may have made the same one.  I also concluded on my own…way above my scope and know how…that my poor old cat is Diabetic: polyphagia, polydipisa, polyuria, sores that won’t heal, gingivitis,  and her tail drop is not a result of “yanking” but Diabetic Neuropathy.  It was assumed that the weight loss, dehydration, tachycardia, ear mites (which I have been somewhat neglectful in treating even though we treated her over a dozen time since I brought her home from the shelter ) , gingivitis and incontinence was a result of “distress” and neglect not disease.  It was assumed that the tail drop was unrelated and a result of “imposed injury”.  I never caught on at all yesterday what they were implying. I now strongly believe my cat is going into DKA even though I don’t know if cats present like humans do or if they even get Diabetes…but if she was human ( one with a tail) that is what I would say it is.  Man I wish I would have thought of it when I was there with her yesterday.  Could have insisted on a blood sugar.  I was too concerned about my cat and overwhelmed by their kindness towards her to even notice that an assumption was made until I was on my way home.  And they were so kind and so good.  I really like that vet and I think I even like her more  for her concern over my cat’s treatment.  Still…it is a blow to the ego when you consider yourself a loving pet owner but someone assumes just the opposite.  That’s good…that’s good.  Blows to the ego are good right?  We want to get beyond the need for the good opinion of others.  I think I keep facing these similar circumstances of being judged for something I am not when I present with nothing but the truth for a reason.  I really need to learn to get beyond the need for good opinion.  It’s coming.  It is just a shame that my health and the health of those I love is often impacted by these assumptions. Regardless…I need to get a blood sugar on my cat! She is very, very sick!

All is well!

When pets get sick…

  • Posted on December 2, 2016 at 8:33 am

I am feeling sad today.  My old cat is sick…and I mean really sick.  I will be taking her to the vet shortly and I might not be bringing her back.  I am not sure what it is…but I notice tell tale signs of what she was experiencing a month ago in one of the younger cats…so I am fearing that it is a leukemia or a paravirus (do cats get paraviruses?) …and feeling guilty and ashamed of myself for not preventing it.  How I would have prevented it, I am not sure? But I am convinced I did something I should not have done.  Or didn’t do something I should of:(  The impending loss of this pet is quite significant for me.  First of all…I love all my pets…I love animals and have always found it easier to relate to them than I ever could with people.   I get attached. This old cat of mine was with me since the divorce…actually got her and her litter-mate less than a month of moving in here to start my new life.  My ex was allergic and not having a house full of animals was one of the biggest compromises I had to make when we got married.  I rushed out to the shelter before I was ever really settled in here. She represents all the hope for “more” when I began this lag of the journey. And she is such a great cat…with a loving and very “cool” personality.  Because my son picked her out…we always referred to her as his cat…and they have such a strong bond.  This will affect him more than it will me.   Awe!!!

I dreamt last night of her.  I also  dreamt that the little cat was sick too and sure enough when she jumped up on my lap this morning…I could tell she was…fever and runny eyes.  Anyway…I also dreamt of my ex, some past experiences with him and the struggles I have experienced since the divorce.  The last 11 years have been a challenge for sure…I guess the impending loss of my pet reminds me of all that and that is why I feel sad.

It is all good…Who knows…my cat may bounce right back…and the little one never get any sicker. But for now…I give myself permission to feel sad.  “Something sweet can be found in sadness…a soft melancholy whisper that breathes life into a withering soul.”  Maybe I just need a little more life.


All is well.

December Snow

  • Posted on December 1, 2016 at 12:18 pm

Another lovely day  and it is snowing.  School was cancelled for the second day in a row for my girl.  She is happy!! I love the winter effect on this blog…the snow is coming down across the screen just like it is coming down outside my window..  It looks great on the black and whites.  Speaking of shooting…I do have to get back out there again.  I love shooting in winter when my camera cooperates.  Having some trouble with aperture control right now…resorting to Auto instead of manual and one just doesn’t get the same quality of shot.  Anyway…need to get that fixed…sometime…but in the meantime. … It is the first day of December and it looks just like the first day of December should…out there and here on my blog.  :)


Like dust

falling from the grey skies ,

it settles over the barren landscape

coating the earth in a blanket of white.


the world is beyond my window

as the fine flakes

dance to

an orchestra only they can hear,

twisting and turning

in a beautifully choreographed ballet,

before settling gracefully onto the earth below.


The world is suddenly pure and untouched

without so much as a foot print blanching

the innocence of this December morning.


the “brown ” and “worn” things

that have outlived their usefulness,

and hiding,

the grieving Autumn landscape

from the world’s hopeless stares,

the snow falls.


like a childhood blanket,

it softens the pain that comes with change.


Despite the chill that fills the air,

the blanket over the world warms

the soul that watches.


The purest white of this divine gift

brightens the dark days and nights,

offering the peace that

December promises.

Dale-Lyn Dec/09


It’s Here!!!

  • Posted on November 30, 2016 at 9:22 am

Snow!!! Cheating…obviously using an old photo but my dog did walk past that same tree this morning.  First time off leash in a while becasue of a neighbor’s complaint.  She was thrilled and came to life again as she circled her terrain to make sure all was well.  It was!!

DSC_0874 - Copy

Teach only Love

  • Posted on November 29, 2016 at 8:36 am

Teach only love, for that is what you are.


I always thought love was just a feeling.  It was that page turning stuff I read in romance novels that made my belly twist with anticipation and tears drip in big sobbing puddles onto the print. I thought it was the stuff that brought magic to the characters in my pop up fairy tale books or made everyone go “aweeee!!!” in unison at the theater.   I thought it was that warm fuzzy feeling I felt when my babies smiled up at me for the first time or when the new puppy fell asleep on my lap. I thought love was that feeling that made me hurt, made me smile in gratitude, made me cling so desperately to the hand of a dying loved one as they slipped away.  I thought love was just a feeling.

I know now that Love…and I write the word with a capitol letter to make the distinction between what I thought then and what I define it as now…is a way of being.  It is the ultimate human experience of living life fully, abundantly, healthfully, faithfully and joyfully.  It is the “it” we are here to know and experience.  It is the one thing that will make the world the amazing place it is supposed to be because it is the one thing that will make each of us the amazing beings we are supposed to be. That is what Love is.

Love is that life I wrote about yesterday…the one we all can experience if there is no fear.  You see, Love is the complete opposite of fear.  The cool thing about this is…that though Love is the opposite of fear…Love knows no opposite. Love is all there really is.  We just do not know it yet.  That’s all.  We just do not know it.  In our minds and in our minds only do the reasons to fear exist.  There really is no reason to fear…we just think there is.  In our bodies and in our bodies only…do we experience fear.  Our bodies are programmed to follow our minds command.  They do not have to react so dramatically to what is going on around us… we just think they do.  We experience Love when we truly realize this and change the way we think.  If we change the way we think…we can change the way we live.  We can experience Love.

Hmmm! Something to think about.

All is well in my world.